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Why I Stopped Wearing Weaves

Why I Stopped Wearing Weaves

Weaves are one of the most popular protective styles, giving you a versality of wearing either curly or straight while preventing damage to your own hair. Growing up weaves was my go to style, aside from wearing box braids. I wore them for weeks on end, would go back to the hair salon to get them to install fresh packs on my head. Weaves became a crutch and it prevented me from really knowing how to manage my own hair. I rarely wear weaves to this day and here’s why.

I need complete access to my scalp. As I started my healthy hair journey I’ve realized the importance of maintaining a healthy scalp. Preventing product buildup and making sure it’s clean to allow my hair to grow healthy. With weaves, no matter what method I did, I was never able to really “clean” my scalp. I would still take my tracks out and noticed product buildup when I washed my hair.

I became hella lazy. With weaves I literally could roll out of bed fluff my hair and go about my business. I’ve realized that with weaves I would neglect my own hair. My hair came out one way or another dry and brittle or greasy. This did nothing but cause unnecessary breakage. I would cause heat damage to get my leave out blend flawlessly with my weave and did not realize it until it was too late. I was causing thinning and heat damage, but it didn’t matter to me. My main goal was to stretch my style out as much as I can because I dreaded to handle my own hair.

I got bored easily. Back when I had all the time in the world, I would change up my hairstyle weekly. It became a waste of time and money after a while as I paid money to get the hair, pay to install it and then leave it in for 2 and half weeks to get a new style.

I believe it is possible for you to be able to manage your hair with weaves. However it was not something that work with my lifestyle. I had to find alternatives to be as versatile as I want, but still have full access to my hair.

Wigs has now become one of my go to styles and I rarely wear weaves anymore. With wigs and can slap it on in the morning and snatch it off when I come back home. The last time I wore a weave was about 2 years ago. Now I try to wear styles that make it hard for me to forget about my own hair as it gives me the ability to learn the best practices to grow it strong and healthy.