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My Nutrisystem Struggle

You know they said you are more likely to lose weight and stick to your goal if you do it with a friend. With my situation I was convinced by 2 of my coworkers to start a weight loss journey by kicking it off with Nutrisystem. Now for those who do not know what Nutrisystem is, it’s a weight loss program that provides you with an assortment of food to help you to develop healthy eating habits. At first I was against it because of the price but the thought of not having to cook and just grab and go sold me.

First Month

So after my shipment arrived, I realized it included a separate box of food that was meant to be eaten in the first week to “jump start” your diet. Let me say this upfront and admit to you guys that I am an emotional eater, so this first week was TORTURE. You go from your normal diet of eating whatever you want to eating 1000 calorie a day… (lord help me). After the first week, you are increased to 1200 calorie diet, where you can incorporate your own food as you have “flex meals”.

The only day I stuck to the diet was the very first day lol. Other than that I cheated, not crazy but every day, there was about 1 meal of me eating something else aside from the prepackaged foods. My will power is at an all time low. Honestly with me adjusting to eating less, drinking way more water I could ever imagine and not having the option to eat what ever I want made me feel restricted.

Did it Work?

You would think after all of my complaining it  was just a waste of money and effort. And for the most part it was…. but it worked! The first week even with my cheating I lost almost a pound a day. (I knew this because I weighed myself every morning lol) Once I started my 1200 diet I was still losing weight, not as rapidly but I was still losing.  The first month I lost about 10 pounds, so I could imagine how much I could have lost with me sticking with it.

I realized after 3 weeks of me cheating, Nutrisystem helped me out in other ways asides from trying to stick to the diet. I got into the habit of counting calories, and portion control. I went out to Applebee’s like 3 or 4 times within the first month and I made choices of what I was going to get by using the Myfitnesspal app to help log my calorie intake. I used a food scale at home to track how much calories I was going to eat when I ate whatever cheat meal I wanted. I also subconsciously removed soda, and fast food from my diet.

10 lbs down, 20 to go

So although I didn’t stick to the Nutrisystem plan like my co workers, who have lost at least 15 pounds each the first month, it has actually help me develop other healthy habits such as being mindful of what I was eating, good or bad. I learned to eat less and began to understand the difference of when I was actually hungry or emotionally eating.

This is the first time in my life I noticed that my choices lead me to losing weight, so I am determined to keep that up. It is a work in progress with me but I will reach my target weight by the time summer starts. In the meantime, I will be keeping you guys updated with my fitness journey and other healthy habits I pick up along the way.

My Nutrisystem Struggle