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How to Identify Breakage and Shed Hair


How to Identify Breakage and Shed Hair

When you style your hair did you ever wonder if that wad of hair in your comb is due to a lot of shedding? There is a difference between shed hair and breakage and by identifying the two can help with the health and length retention of your hair.

Here is how you can tell the difference.

Shed hair is the hair that has reach the end of the growth cycle. You typically shed between 50 to 100 hair strands a day. It is the full length of your actual hair and you would notice a little white “bulb” at the root of the hair.

Keep in mind if you have your hair in a protective style like braids and you have them in for quite some time, you will see more shedding than you normally would if you were to comb your hair on a regular basis.

Breakage is hair that broke off along the length of the hair. A sure way to tell if its breakage is if you spot 1/4-inch length hair laying around after you finished styling or detangling your hair. Breakage can be a symptom of many things including too much or excessive manipulation.

If your goal is to retain length and grow your hair, it is crucial to know if your hair is normally shedding or if it is breaking off. If you can identify that your hair is breaking, you will notice that some part of your regimen is contributing to your hair breaking off. Most women believe that their hair can only grow up to a certain length. The truth is that your hair is always growing, however your hair is breaking off at the same rate as its growing, so your hair will always remain at the same plateau.

Some tips to prevent breakage

  • Be careful with detangling with your hair. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and ripping through with a comb or brush will cause trauma and breakage to your ends.
  • Make sure you have proper moisture/ protein balance. Your hair could be lacking either and could cause your hair to be more prone to breakage.
  • Protect your ends. Make sure your ends don’t have the chance to rub against fabrics causing single strand knots or split ends. Either of the two can contribute to more tangles which can cause unnecessary breakage. Sleep on satin pillows or with a head scarf and be mindful with your hairstyles ensuring that your ends are tucked.

Knowing the difference between your hair breaking off or if it is normally shedding can help you reach your goal if you want to grow healthy hair. Once you determine the difference you can figure out the best technique or regimen for managing your own hair.


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